Why Clopay EZ-Set Springs Are Easy

Why Clopay EZ-Set Springs Are Easy

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People always welcome new ideas, especially when they tend to make their lives safer and easier. The news that Clopay manufactures torsion and extension garage door springs, which can be installed by homeowners satisfied do-it-yourselfers. Most consumers with garage systems know that the installation and also the repair of springs are both dangerous tasks. After all, who has the proper knowledge and equipment? Although knowledge comes with expertise, Clopay solved the problem with the lack of the right tools. The E-Z set garage door springs are designed to be installed much easier and thus safer but keep in mind that meddling with springs is still dangerous.Why Clopay EZ-Set Springs Are Easy

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The E-Z set springs have special characteristics. Although they resemble regular ones, they still have some distinctive features. The extension springs, for example, have a special stretching mechanism while the torsion springs have a winder cone at one end where the winder snaps. The spring is found at the end of garage doors rather in the middle like regular springs and the cone secures the springs to the shaft before they wind whereas with ordinary springs, the spring is wound and then secured on the shaft with setscrews.
Another special characteristic of these springs is that they have gaps among the coils. If you stretch them with your hands you'll notice that they separate, and if you try to compress them they'll pull apart immediately. Such a unique characteristic allows to the spring to be stretched in the required length and so the coils won't bind.

The special parts of E-Z set overhead door springs do not require special equipment. For instance, torsion springs need winding bars and many people attempt to install and adjust them with screwdrivers and end up injuring themselves badly. With these special springs, the work is done with a drill. Every part of both extension and torsion springs is designed to be set with the assistance of a drill. This makes installation and adjustment much easier. It makes such garage door repairs safer, too. The right tool will be used and you won't even have to climb on ladders or stools since the job can be done by stepping firmly on the ground. That will give you more confidence and keep you from falling, which is another reason why people are involved in accidents when they're trying to replace springs.  

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