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Do all garage doors need painting?

As far as materials go, most of them can be painted over according to our professionals in Bonsall. Aluminum cannot be painted and you must choose your preferred color right from the start. Some new materials, which are specially coated, should not be painted either. Glass doors come out in various shades but they're not painted.

How often must I replace the opener?

As long as the opener is meeting your demands, there is no reason for replacing, unless it got ruined somehow. It's wise to replace them when you replace the existing garage door and the new one has different requirements. It's also good to replace the opener when new ones come out which offer much better protection.

Why does my garage door continuously stall?

Your garage door opener is what allows your doors to function. If you are experiencing problems with them opening and closing, it may be necessary for you to allow our technician to evaluate your opener. They may determine you need a new one.

Can I use my opener over the internet?

Many existing garage door openers can be connected to the internet. This is done with the help of a special internet gateway and a control panel with the required software. These devices are sold separately. Once the opener is ready, you simply need to download the required app on your computer, smartphone and tablet. This will allow you to monitor the door and to open it and close it remotely over the internet.

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