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Garage door matters become easy subjects when you have help! These tips will be really useful

Inspect wood garage door panels for decay

Decay occurs when wood retains moisture. The most common signs include cracked paint, areas which appear swollen, and soft wood which produces splinters when gently scratched with a finger. Wood panels which display signs of decay must be replaced immediately. Our technicians in Bonsall recommend the protection of the panels with high-quality paint and weather stripping.

Always rinse the garage door after cleaning it

It is best to wash the garage door with a solution of detergent and water. Alternatively you can use mild soap dissolved in the water. After you are done cleaning the panels with a sponge or soft cloth, you have to provide complete rinsing. You will do a great job if you use a garden hose for the purpose.

A rotten wood garage door needs immediate repair

If the process of decay continues, the unit will be completely destroyed. The repair of the panels involves removing the rotten areas and filling the holes with a specially made filler. Once they are properly sealed, you can paint the door to make it look great again. It is crucial to use exterior-grade paint as it will provide protection.

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